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Our mission is to advocate and encourage an openness and willingness to enjoy provocative art.

Our vision is based on the premise that sexy and provocative art can stimulate a positive atmosphere wherever it is placed, and can potentially spice up the lives of creative, intelligent and sexually sophisticated people.



I was born and raised in Geneva to an old family of artists. The last 20 years I have been focused to capture what I see an communicate it to others. This desire has grown into a lifelong journey, starting with drawing and playing around with my Grandfathers old Rolleiflex cameras as I grew up.

After leaving school, I completed training in photo engraving and worked as a draughtsman for an escort girl company. Years later, after my duty in the military, I undertook studies at the Education Centre for Digital Media in Karlsruhe. The city pleased me so much that I had remained there to this day.

Today I balance my creativity between design and photography, with each has its own role in helping me to capture the world around me. I collaborate with other designer to develop full product and image solutions.


The Resurrection of Beauty by Mark Miremont

Services List

Showcases reportage


Video Coverage




Escort Coverage





I use mainly black and white film and some digitals when it is required for the look of the final image.



I produce photography for myself and for other artists like musicians or actors.

Video producer


I help with my ideas to create videos images for promotion. I love to alternate between film and digital.


Peter W. Czernich Fetish Photography


“I’m into all kinds of things – latex above all, plastic, vinyl, corsets, high heels, ballet shoes, ponyplay, masks, gags, inflatables, vacbeds, big boobs, nylons, feet, ass worship, you name it. After well over 1,000 shootings, with more than 300 models, and over 250.000 photos in my archive, I think I know how it’s done.”

Peter W. Czernich is one of the most well known fetish photographers worldwide.

HANDIEDAN’s collage work feeds on the tainted history of pin-up girl posters, using torn, aged surfaces to subvert sexiness.

Using bright colors and primarily women’s figures in all manner of professions CLAUDIA HEK had created a new vision of these subjects by evoking the raw modern passion of a bygone era in her paintings.

A contemporary Asian theme group show inspired by Ukiyo, “floating world”, which described the urban lifestyle, especially the pleasure-seeking aspects, of Edo-period Japan.

The “Floating World” culture developed in Yoshiwara, the licensed red-light district of Edo (modern Tokyo), which was the site of many brothels, tea houses and kabuki theaters.

Pornsaints is “an artistic approach to porn, a pornographic approach to art, a pornoartistic approach to religion.” Its mission is to reinterpret pornography through the languages of contemporary arts.

‘Artcore Candy’ – Inspired by the legacy of Leigh Bowery a celebration of the wonderful world of make up, costume and gender illusion a solo exhibition by the artist Piepke.





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