I was born and raised in Germany to an old family of artists. The last 20 years I have been focused to capture what I see an communicate it to others. This desire has grown into a lifelong journey, starting with drawing and playing around with my Grandfathers old Rolleiflex cameras as I grew up.

After leaving school, I completed training in photo engraving and worked as a draughtsman for a cloth printing company. Years later, after my duty in the military, I undertook studies at the Education Centre for Digital Media in Karlsruhe. The city pleased me so much that I had remained there to this day.

Today I balance my creativity between design and photography, with each has its own role in helping me to capture the world around me. I collaborate with other designer to develop full product and image solutions.

I’m very passionate with my own personal work. I produce photography for myself and for other artists like musicians or actors, helping them with my ideas to create images for promotion and albums. I alternate between two mediums, film and digital. I use mainly black and white film and some digitals when it is required for the look of the final image.

Credits include:

NUDE-Magazine, USA
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and many more.

Mark's brilliant use of illumination, the shimmering skin of his models portrayed in incandescent light, creates an almost spiritual awakening in the viewer. Perfectly balanced between intense erotic desire and mystic wonderment his images evoke a timeless sense of romance. Mark's powerful talent with black and white photography challenges us with his vision, dares us not to be emotionally influenced by his impression of female sexuality.

Words of Seduction,USA

He demonstrates an intense, personal and profoundly erotic perception. Using an exquisite,
essentially romantic pictorial language he remains at the same time always formally correct and
with perfect focus on the aesthetics of black and white photography. This combination of strong artisitic discipline with a very personal and intimate vision gives the images a unique and powerful emotional charge, producing body landscapes full of intimate surprises in which
we discover haunting images of female sexuality

He has a very fine sense of juxtaposition. There is a wonderful balance between the aesthetic
and the provocative in his best work, the suggested and the explicit, the possible and the real,
this life and the next. It's mystical in its impact.

Paul Scott, UK

The dark angel comes in many guises. He is death, he is lucifer, he is the snake promising eternal life but giving only pain and expulsion from paradise. With Mark, we can begin to explore the contradictions in the dark angel's character,a bit like the scientist with his instruments, but also with a clever technique born of an artistic perception of the world, and with a consciousness that this world and the next are inextricably bound together, the one reflecting the other, in constant tension

Mark's photography explores the potent imagery surrounding the dark angel with a calm assurance which brings us face to face with some of the disconcerting desires which bubble beneath the surface of our polite society. History teaches us that the human being is full of destructive impulses which surface again and again to destroy what others have created, to wreak havoc, to throw ordered existence into confusion, to enslave whole nations. And yet, sleeping, almost in death, the face of the dark angel appears beautiful, lit by a translucent, unearthly light which seems to radiate from within, more divine than human. Dangerous, and powerful even in repose.

Adnax, UK

I just came across your profile while I was browsing OMP and I wanted to compliment you on your excellent work.You project so much personality in your images and there is a very cutting edge, haunting energy in everything you do. Your skill with light, and in general, is unquestionable. I applaud your vision.

A.M.T. Photographic, Canada

Zeppe, stivali, calze a rete, guêpière, corsetti stringati, fruste e manette. E ancora accenni di effusioni saffiche, voluttuose nuvolette di fumo di sigaretta, Champagne bevuto a canna, lingue guizzanti e baci rubati.

Il repertorio è very fetish, ma Markus Richter, tedesco di Costanza, è assai abile (e prudente) nel mettere in scena le sue magnifiche ossessioni e ritrarre un gustoso teatrino di performance viziosette con la riservatezza, la classe e l'eleganza di un fotografo patinato mainstream o di un fashion shooter.

In attesa del suo primo libro di nudi di prossima uscita per un editore tedesco, dobbiamo accontentarci di ammirare la classe di questo singolare feticista perbene in uno dei suoi workshop o delle sue frequenti esposizioni, e naturalmente sul suo sito, assai curato, dove sono pubblicate numerose gallery dei suoi set in Germania, in Gran Bretagna e a New York. .

Un po' Helmut Newton e un po' Dave Naz, senza nulla togliere al suo stile invero personale, Markus Richter in futuro potrebbe riservarci non poche sorprese. Ha talento, buon gusto e insane passioni fetish. Il giorno in cui deciderà di correre libero e selvaggio, di cedere completamente alle sue inclinazioni senza badare troppo alla composizione ricercata, all'immagine charmant, beh, quel giorno ci sarà molto di cui scrivere.

Sergio Pomati,Italia

Ottimo l'utilizzo dell’illuminazione, la pelle delle sue modelle ritratte alla luce incandescente, generano a chi guarda un risveglio spirituale in un equilibrio perfetto fra desiderio erotico e mistico. Le sue immagini evocano una sensazione senza tempo in un’atmosfera romanzesca.

Usando una lingua pittorica squisitamente romantica esalta una visione del soggetto molto personale ed intima e dà alle immagini una carica di sensualità unica e potente. Nella sua opera c’è un equilibrio meraviglioso fra l'estetico ed il provocatorio, tra l’apparente e l'esplicito, tra il possibile e il reale.

Libera Eva, Italia

Markus Richter wurde sein fotografisches Talent in die Wiege gelegt: 1966 in eine Künstlerfamilie hineingeboren, wuchs er zwischen alten Kameras und Pinseln auf. Heute gilt er in den USA und in England als bester Künstler für Erotic Fine Art im Jahr 2002.

"Durch meine Familie lernte ich schon sehr früh den Umgang mit einer Kamera", erzählt Richter,
der vor seinem Vorstoß in die erotische Kunst 1999 eine Ausbildung zum Fotogravurzeichner und ein Studium zum Cross Media Producer absolvierte. Seine Erfolge im Bereich der Erotic Fine Art stellten sich vor allem im englischsprachigen Raum ebenso rasant wie durchschlagend ein: Den "dunklen Engel" nennen ihn die Briten bewundernd, in Anlehnung an die dunkle Seite der Erotik, die Richter in seinen Bildern ästhetisch, aber dennoch provokativ zeigt.

Das Jahr 2003 bringt jede Menge neue Projekte und sicherlich auch hierzulande den endgültigen Durchbruch: Es ist eine authentische Bilderserie von der "Roten Meile", der Reeperbahn in Hamburg, geplant, etwas gewagt ist das Projekt "Public Nudes", das in der Öffentlichkeit Londons stattfinden wird. Last but not least stehen eine Buchveröffentlichung sowie eine Vernissage in Berlin an, worüber wir natürlich bei justbeman.de auch
wieder berichten werden.

Just be Man Magazin, Hamburg

Die Besonderheit liegt in der Choreografie der Modelle im grafischen Spiel des Lichtes, die eine verträumte Realität wiederspiegelt. Nicht der pure Akt digital verfärbt, sondern der Ausdruck desGesamtaktes in seiner Dramatik und Reinheit.

Der Kunstring, (Gambit/Kunst, Potsdam)

Einer der besten neuen Fotografen der eine einzigartige Bildersprache spricht und die erotische Fotografie in einen künstlerischen Mantel hüllt. Prädikat wertvoll!


Erotisches zur Nacht, Berlin (Meister der erotischen Kunst)

Mit faszinierenden Großaufnahmen und raffiniert gestalteten Detailstudien reflektiert der Fotograf
Markus Richterin seinen Bildern Momente der spontanen Lust und des intensiven erotischen Empfindens. Seine elementareBildsprache bleibt dabei immer stringent und vollkommen auf das ihm sehr persönliche und intime konzentriert. So gelingen dem talentierten Künstler erotische Landschaften voller intimer Überraschungen, deren Reiz nicht etwa in der vordergründigen Reizung sexueller Phantasien, sondern im adäquaten Darstellen einer atmosphärischen Stimmung liegt.

K. Schlage, Berlin

(...) Inszenierte Augenblicke die das Wesentliche zeigen, aber sich nie mit plakativen Abbildungen zufriedengeben,die sind sein Metier, das zusammen mit gekonntem Licht- Schattenspiel in einer Initimität mündet Berauschend schön fordern seine Bildsequenzen ein ums andere Mal den zweiten Blick des Betrachters, sein Versinken in erotische Fotografie besonderer Qualität.

LS-Magazin Hamburg, Germany

Ein junges Talent und ein Meister der dramatischen Fotografie, der seine Bilder sehr interessant in Szene setzt. Es ist wie in einem Theaterschausspiel, man kann es kaum erwarten bis neue Situationen zu sehen sind.

Xavier Pintzwachter Wien, Austria

Ich habe noch nie solche Aufnahmen gesehen. Die Fotos sind einmalig.
Die Kompositionen der Models sind ein Kunstwerk für sich.
Auch die Reflexe auf den Juwelen bringen tolle Akzente.

Photohall, Germany

Der Fotograf Markus Richter hat den Schwerpunkt seiner Arbeit auf Schwarz/Weiß-Fotografien und Farbspektren gerichtet. Seine Modelle, die man ruhig als in Szene gesetzte Glamourgirls bezeichnen darf, bekommen gerade durch die Farblosigkeit der Bilder eine eigene Tiefe. Farbe entsteht dann beim Ansehen der Bilder in den Köpfen der Betrachter.

Die starken Glanzlichter in den Schwarz/Weiß-Bildern und die heftigen Kontraste geben dem Betrachter das Gefühl, die Szenerie gleichsam mit der restlichtverstärkenden Kamera eines Voyeurs zu betrachten. Und wir werden seltsam erregt bei dem Gedanken, wie die Bewegung des Modells weitergehen und was sich gleich unseren Augen an Einzigartigem zeigen wird...

Domantik-Magazin, Austria / Germany

(...) wobei er in der Stadt seines Herzens, New York, immer wieder schöne Momente in seinen Fotografien festhält. Reine Aktfotografie ist ihm zuwider, da diese für Ihn nicht mehr aussagt, als nur einen schönen Körper zu zeigen. Für Ihn, der gerne starke Frauen zeigt, müssen die Bilder eine eigene Sprache sprechen und zwar die der Frau, so wie sie ist mit Ihren ganzen Reizen und Emotionen.

In Deutschland gilt seine Kunst als verwerflich ,zu provokativ und zu realistisch. Man spricht von Ihm als den "dunklen Engel der Fotografie", wie Ihn der britische Kunstguru Paul Scott nannte und Markus Richter bis heute genannt wird. Liebhaber seiner Kunst sind überwiegend weiblichen Geschlechts und kaum in der Männerwelt zu finden.

g5ive-gallery, Germany

Richter ist auchhttp://www.skintwo.com/index.php?/weblog/article/issue_51/ine Erotic Fine Art bekannt. Einer der besten neuen Fotografen der eine einzigartige Bildersprache spricht und die erotische Fotografie in einen künstlerischen Mantel hüllt", urteilt das Fotoartmagazine.

Obwohl zwischen alten Kameras aufgewachsen, verschließt er sich nicht den neuen Entwicklungen der Technik. Bei einem Workshop eines angesehenen Kameraherstellers präsentiert er mit Begeisterung die Vorzüge der Digitalkameras und deren vielfältige Möglichkeiten für Anfänger.

AMICA-Magazin, Germany

German photographer Markus Richter shoots his erotic fantasies at night, producing stunning art ofdark luster and deep desire. He candidly spoke with us about how he works with his models and,more importantly, how they work with him. "When I look into a girl's face, my inspirations come from what I want to do with her. It all has to do with desire and sex. Many girls I feel a deep desire for, and I deal with them as I feel in those moments."

By Sez G.
Darkside Produktions, USA

What an eye for beautiful women. That was the first thing that slipped my mind seeing the images of this German photographer Markus Richter. The second one, this guy has the best job out there, that's for sure. The models he is using in his erotic photo's really have personality. And Markus Richter is capable of capturing it on film, could be a CF digital card, but that sounds a whole of a lot less romantic.

I do feel that romanticism is in the heart of his work. And I don't mean the flowery, candlelight and wine kind a thing, but more the nostalgic and melancholic one. A great example of what I mean here is the image 'Lili Marleen'. The Girl Lili Marleen ( most english speaking people know her as Lili Marlene ) is originally the main character from a poem called, The Song from a young Soldier, by Hans Leip. Later on this poem was used a in a song, very popular before and during World War II. The story tells us that she was a beautiful girl waiting for her beloved soldier to arrive. She waited under the streetlight, but he never came, he was already gone fighting, where he finally died. At the end of the story her sensual lips are raising the dead soldier from the grave. The song is used and rewritten multiple times, and if you want to get the feeling try to find the song from Patricia Kaas, Lili Marlene.

I'm really getting of topic here, back to the work of Markus Richter. Not only this image lets us experience a small visual story, most of the images he produces are doing the same, suggesting that they are part of a bigger concept. The usage of only parts of the models, just the head, or a scene cut, only contributes to this feeling. The story literally continues outside the picture we see. An other strong aspect in his work is the remarkable angle's he is using to take his pictures. This together with the blurry effect is resulting in a strange dynamical image that goes beyond the usual nudes.

The combination of glamour and romanticism is brought together perfectly. And maybe it is just a personal thing, but I think the models are absolutely gorgeous. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty, and don't forget to listen to Patricia Kaas in the background.

Lovechess, Netherlands

You approached Markus Richter and Cane Hoyer to visualise your musical and lyrical atmosphere. What made you decide to do that and can you tell more about it?

This is rather a real fortunate turn of fate as we call it. I mean usually you don't get these kinds of people that easy to work together. I mean both artists Markus and Cane are very busy people with a schedule packed with all kinds of important appointments to do shootings around the world etc.

MZ (singer) meet Markus really by accident. Markus just moved to the same city where MZ lives and on a weekend last summer in some insider club they happened to run into each other. It turned out that Markus has been a fan of the band for some time. While talking he actually became aware of the fact that one of the few things he hasn't done yet was to shoot a band and participate on the overall artwork. That's where Cane came in. Markus has been working with him for a while now and together they did build the perfect team to take this challenge and the results have been truly stunning I must admit.

We didn't expect anything less after viewing their work from before. Such classy photography! Since we rather came from a purposely cold atmosphere with the progression of the 'E-Mania' and '.enetics' material we've already decided before we knew of Markus that the next record would be much warmer and very dramatic. Of course we could have decided to go much colder etc. but with the all the sounds we had in our head it was pretty clear. Markus' and Cane's style were really made for this. It wasn't necessary to totally take everything apart real detailed when planning the shooting/concept, since most of everybody's imagination was on the same wavelength.

From the Interview with Ever Eve in Lords of Metal, Netherlands

Markus Richter is a German fine art photographer with an eye for the dramatic. This personal portfolio site has many galleries online, with good sized images. All of his work is in b&w, which is my own personal favorite. Much of this reminded me of the glamour of early Hollywood, but with a bit of a fetish flair. He portrays the women in his work as powerfully sensual, moody and romantic.
Janes Comment: Anyone who can actually make a papasan chair look glamourous has my respect.

Janes Guide, USA

I was blown away with those photographs you took of me and Madam. You
managed to give me something very special, as for the first time I looked at
myself in picture form and recognised the person I feel I truly am. Usually
photographs of me make me cringe, and I had resigned myself to always
looking awkward and dull in photos, but you've made me feel I have seen the
person in me that actually exists here on earth. Thank you, thank you very

Steve Burdukin, UK

Auf der englischsprachigen Homepage des deutschen Profifotografen Markus Richter kann man sich nicht nur einige extraordinäre Anregungen für eigene Modell bzw. Aktaufnahmen holen, sondern auch die restliche Aufmachung der Seite imponiert (insbesondere mit der gelungenen JavaScript – Einblendung seiner Galeriebilder) dem Betrachter. Ob man Richter’ s Fotografien als “verwerfliche” oder “einzigartige Schwarz-Weiß Bildsprache” bezeichnet bleibt letzten Endes dem Blickwinkel des Zuschauers überlassen.

Die außergewöhnlichen fachlichen Qualifikationen seiner Person dürften hingegen außer Frage stehen, schließlich durfte er im letzten Jahr die neuen Modelle der Spiegel-Reflex Kameraserien von Eastman-Kodak auf Herz und Nieren vorab prüfen. Er selbst sagt schlicht und unscheinbar über seine Kunst: “Ich versuche, mit meiner Kamera einzigartige Momente einzufangen”


Para los q gustan de la buena fotografía erótica les dejo a Markus Richter. Genial para la fotografía de
mujeres. sus trabajos son en mayoría en blanco y negro, lo cual es perfecto porque maneja esta fotografía
muy bien. Sus fotos a la vez q son eróticas nos dejan con la miel en los labios preguntándonos cuál será la
historia a partir de la cual surge la fotografía y qué vendrá después.

Liquid Mind, Spain

La fotografia de Markus Richter

Markus Richter nacio en 1966, en Alemania. Tras el servicio militar, estudio en el Centro de Estudios de Medios Digitales de Karlsruhe. Despues trabajo en varias agencias publicitarias como diseñador y fotografo, hasta que termino dedicandose plenamente a la fotografia. Domina el blanco y negro, con el que consigue estampas muy expresivas. Podeis echar un vistazo sus colecciones. Alli encontrareis un poco de todo: fetichismo, escenas lesbicas, dominio y sumision...


International photographer big shot Markus Richter likes his nudes more porny and less artsy: that means big fake boobs; trashy makeup; and hot girl-on-girl kissy-kissy action. But at the same time, his work is still moody, noirish, quirky, and original; he's definitely the kind of guy we wish would trade in the still camera for video and start making equally stylish porn flicks, but he's probably too busy flying all over the world taking pictures to ever have time for something like that. There's also a bloggy sort of journal thing if you scroll down on the top page that's worthwhile if you're interested in what a guy like this does on a day to day basis ... beyond the obvious part of just being way cooler than the rest of us.

Fleshbot, USA
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